Greece resorts hotels

Proposals for hotel accommodation in mainland Greece hotels. Central Greece is the mainland of Greece and has been inhabited since ancient times. It is one of the most historically significant regions of Greece. Its forested mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, rich biodiversity, and remarkable archaeological sites attract year round Greek and foreign visitors alike. Images with unique scenery alternate at film speed in Macedonia. Dreamy blue seas in Chalkidiki, Thassos and Pieria give way to the imposing – and almost perennial snowy – massifs of unique beauty of the divine Mt Olympus and the equally awe-inspiring Pangaio, Kaimaktsalan (Voras), and Falakro mountains. Peloponnese is a section of the Hellenic landscape that is resplendent with monuments from every period in Greece’s turbulent history.

Thermal spring baths, Central Greece
Spring blossom, northern Greece
Sea side resorts, Peloponnese